Rainbow Riches Wild Clover Free Play

Barcrest produced the Rainbow Riches Wild Clover slot game which is surely a new and addictive video slot.

It is rated Cat C and a player can bet up to 70 pounds per round. It is a remarkable game which has made a name for itself among the other rainbow riches slots.

The Rainbow Riches Wild Clover slot has been introduced with 3 reels and five bet lines.

A really exciting design in the slot game is that at times when the reels are spinning a ding ding background music is heard and when all 3 reels make that noise then a player is given the advantage of changing reel number one or reel number 2 so that they can be filled with a bundle of wild icons.

If the rainbow wealth icons appear on the reels the player is paid a minimum of 70 pounds and a maximum of 210 pounds. The Rainbow Riches Wild Clover slot machine game is known to payout 300 pounds daily.

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The wheel spin comes in randomly and the player has to land on the red colour or darker colours to win which is really hard to land by on. The developers have made it even harder to win because they have added another zero to the wheel.

The players who want to play Rainbow Riches Wild Clover slot should play it on the internet because it has a higher payouts which is 96 percent. Play wisely and win loads in the exciting Rainbow Riches Wild Clover slot machine game.

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