Rainbow Riches Fields of Gold Free Play

Rainbow Riches Fields of Gold has been developed by the great software company called Barcrest. It has been designed with two incredible features.

The player in the Rainbow Riches Fields of Gold slot has to land three leprechaun symbols on the middle three reels in order to activate the Fields of Gold Super Extra feature.

In this fun and winning feature all the symbols in the slot game will turn into a massive ground of fifty shining coins that have two sides. One of the sides of the golden coins are blank and the other side has a number of money mentioned on it.

In the first level of the feature a coin has a value of one pound or no value at all. This round can win a player up to 30 pounds to 40 pounds.

Once the round is over a player gets huge amount of money that he can either gather or go on to the other round. It is upon the player to choose whether he wants to gather the money or stay and play on.

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If the player chooses to keep playing by pushing the Go button he gets to the other round and his winnings are fixed on reel number 2.

Round two has coins that have values of 2 pounds or no value at all. The player can win an additional minimum of 60 ponds or maximum of 70 pounds over his previous winnings.

If a player chooses to go to the third level when he finishes level 3 and presses the go button he can have the opportunity to win larger piles of cash.

In the 3rd level the coins have value of 5 pounds and 10 pounds or no values at all. The player is able to end up winning a staggering maximum of 500 pounds and a minimum of 400 pounds.

There is the toadstool rewards feature. This feature is triggered by having three or more than three toadstool symbols on the lively reels. This feature consists of pick up strategy and a player can win a minimum of 50 pounds. Here the winning can be multiplied as well as tripled.

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